Innovate to offer greater value to the client

Invent, create, evolve, progress. These and many other verbs come to mind when we talk about innovation, a word that we could say today more than ever is fashionable.
The changes that occur every day at a great speed involve and involve all sectors of society. Design and construction are not the exception, but thanks to the evolution of technology they can innovate and satisfy market demands.

Higher quality at lower cost

And what does the market demand? Four characteristics define the construction projects of the new times: economic, dynamic construction, ecological and functional.
From the design table, comfort and efficiency are sought. The connectivity of spaces, appliances and smart furniture is no longer a matter of science fiction, but a necessity. But at the same time, modernity is combined with a greater incorporation of vegetation into these spaces.
Protecting the environment is a must, so we are looking to use renewable materials that generate little waste. Likewise, greater efficiency in the consumption of energy and water is sought.
And when it comes to executing and carrying out what has been planned, taking into account all of the above and also saving time, dry construction is imposed by leaps and bounds all over the world, with highly satisfactory results.
No less important, the issue of safety in an industry such as construction also becomes more important in this era. The welfare and health of our human capital should not be taken lightly.
Implement standards such as G-050 (Safety during construction) or methodologies such as Japanese 5S, adapted to its own quality program, is a plus that speaks of the commitment of a company with security. This is what we see in Grupo Arquitectónico, where we have security as a basic pillar of every work.

I want to innovate. How do I do it?

The trends are clear. The challenge is now what each company can do to differentiate itself and remain competitive. And innovation means not only creating or renewing, but also identifying new opportunities within what already exists.
In theory, architects are well prepared for this, because creativity and imagination are qualities that define us. But this is of no use if there is no continuous training, which is the only way to keep up.
For Grupo Arquitectónico is essential that our people are trained and well prepared. That’s why we make and invest in activities to develop innovation. Actively participating in international fairs and exhibitions allows us to share and exchange experiences and knowledge, while opening possibilities for collaboration, which are always enriching.
Innovating also means introducing new features in our usual operations. Implementing a quality management system such as ISO 9001: 2015 allows us to improve quality continuously, while representing for our customers a guarantee that their needs are considered and taken into account.
If we can innovate to improve the way we work, and translate that into value for the client, we will have a valuable differential element. This must be the objective of our efforts in favor of innovation.

More demanding customers

The companies that hire us are today more demanding. This is positive and necessary, because it forces us to get the best out of ourselves.
The client who invests in us expects us to know perfectly their needs. Our challenge and obligation is to know them better than themselves. What do they demand of us? Efficiency, quality of materials and a service. Good design and good taste, functionality, cutting edge technology, and of course, good price.
Are we prepared and willing? Whoever answers affirmatively without hesitating a second, is already in advantage.

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