Water sanitation

In GA we have a trained team to carry out water sanitation works, our Health Engineer Cesar Manzur leads the area.

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From our offices in Peru and Mexico, we are able to satisfy our clients more quickly and efficiently throughout the region. Making the best use of technology available, our talents in each country are able to work synergistically, with the same vision, to provide the required solutions and guarantee the innovative service and excellence that characterizes us.

248Finished projects
10080M² Built Offices
12Control Centers
8Industrial Projects


Because we care about providing a unique design, having as main objectives the innovation, technology and timeliness in the delivery of the projects. Also, we have the certification for quality management ISO 9001: 2015 and we are approved with several companies.



Architecture and construction: Office implementation

Evolution of office design Today, the design and construction of offices have evolved betting to create open spaces that allow interaction and teamwork. This Open Plan concept has been developed for several years and its main objectives are productivity and communication among employees. Architectural design We carried out the remodeling of the three levels of […]

Visualization and Digital Interaction

ARCHITECTURE, ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION During the evolution of the digital era, they developed different tools that provide new opportunities for the growth of different industries such as art, education, medicine, engineering, design and architecture. Virtual reality Virtual reality is a set of scenes and images in three apparently real dimensions generated parallel to the physical […]

If you can not reuse it, refuse it.

Commitment to caring for the environment Today, June 5, World Environment Day is celebrated, and it is a good occasion to highlight the responsibility we all have to take care of the planet we inhabit. Grupo Arquitectónico has in mind in every project that executes the importance of good environmental management, which is a fundamental […]

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