From our offices in Peru and Mexico, we are able to satisfy our customers more quickly and efficiently throughout the region. By making the best use of technology at our disposal, our talents in each country are able to work synergistically, with the same vision, to provide the necessary solutions and the innovative service and excellence that characterizes us.



A great project starts with a great design. Our experienced group of architects, designers and engineers work with professionalism to understand your needs and provide you with an innovative solution.


We adapt to the most diverse requests and execute the projects efficiently and safely. Over a decade we have also distinguished ourselves by respecting or improving the agreed deadlines.

Mining and Airports

Grupo Arquitectónico puts at your disposal a wide experience in works of medium and large span, which present major challenges and require certifications in the highest standards.


Developing innovation is vital to stay ahead of the curve. That is why we make and invest in activities that allow us to innovate to improve, and translate that into value for our clients.

Security and Environment

In the integral policy of Grupo Arquitectónico, the issue of safety and health in the workplace occupies a relevant place, given the importance that our human capital has for us. We develop a work discipline committed to the compliance of high standards, with the health care, the physical integrity of our employees, and the preservation of the environment.

We have implemented the methodology of the 5s, which seeks the close integration between the work environment and people based on values, codes of conduct and our own quality program. Emerged in Japan in the mid-twentieth century, the 5s emphasize prevention and discipline, the small things that each worker can do to collaborate with the security of all.

In Architectural Group achieving a clean record of work accidents is the norm. We have managed to exceed 50,000 man-hours without incidents, and have received the recognition of our most demanding clients for the impeccable performance in the management of safety, health care and the environment.