Posted by | 17 October, 2018
Architecture and construction: Office implementation

Evolution of office design Today, the design and construction of offices have evolved betting to create open spaces that allow interaction and teamwork. This Open Plan concept has been developed...

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Posted by | 9 August, 2018
Visualization and Digital Interaction

ARCHITECTURE, ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION During the evolution of the digital era, they developed different tools that provide new opportunities for the growth of different industries such as art, education, medicine,...

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Posted by | 5 June, 2018
If you can not reuse it, refuse it.

Commitment to caring for the environment Today, June 5, World Environment Day is celebrated, and it is a good occasion to highlight the responsibility we all have to take care...

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Posted by | 3 May, 2018
Minera Nexa rewards Grupo Arquitectónico for good safety practices

Safety management, health care and the environment Safety is very important in construction and engineering works, but even more so when these are carried out within companies dedicated to mining....

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Posted by | 7 April, 2018
Asics brand arrived in Peru

Design and construction of showroom and office ASICS, the number one running brand in the global market and one of the leading brands of footwear, apparel and sports accessories in...

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Posted by | 6 April, 2018
Minera Nexa congratulates Grupo Arquitectónico

Grupo Arquitectónico carried out a remodeling project for Garita Externa in Cajamarquilla, headquarters of the Nexa Resources mine. In this work safety and health at work are the most important...

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Posted by | 6 April, 2018
Innovate to offer greater value to the client

Invent, create, evolve, progress. These and many other verbs come to mind when we talk about innovation, a word that we could say today more than ever is fashionable. The...

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