Architecture and construction: Office implementation

Evolution of office design

Today, the design and construction of offices have evolved betting to create open spaces that allow interaction and teamwork. This Open Plan concept has been developed for several years and its main objectives are productivity and communication among employees.

Architectural design
We carried out the remodeling of the three levels of main offices of our client Jockey Plaza in a total area of 900 m2. The interior design proposal was an industrial type, in which elements such as safety devices and ventilation grilles were reused, which were coupled with the new project.


We perform a lighting study to be able to define the correct light intensities in the work area, taking into account many factors such as the needs and comforts of the human team. This analysis allowed us to generate adequate lighting in all open plan environments. Also, a considerable saving of up to 85% less electricity and low heat emission.

The decoration

Being an environment in which people spend many hours, we focus on materials that offer innovation and originality as the use of screens to maintain the overall visualization of space. Likewise, in the design we use the white to dark gray scale to maintain the identity of the company.

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