Visualization and Digital Interaction


During the evolution of the digital era, they developed different tools that provide new opportunities for the growth of different industries such as art, education, medicine, engineering, design and architecture.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality is a set of scenes and images in three apparently real dimensions generated parallel to the physical reality. This technology renews the way of interacting and perceiving the contents. Its basic application is based on the use of glasses, helmets and headphones, which can be accompanied by gloves, boots, among other components depending on the purpose or project.

Architecture and Engineering

According to Statista, 2018 will end with more than 170 million virtual reality users around the world. Because of this, large companies such as Samsung and Facebook are betting on its development. In the case of the construction industry, specifically the planning and development of infrastructure projects, we find virtual reality as a new way of interacting and perceiving information more accurately.

This technique has revolutionary characteristics of digital communication and has a great boom in the population. Therefore, Grupo Arquitectónico in the development of projects, office implementation and space design uses this technology in real time, through tours and visualizations in 360, where the client and future user can make material modifications, perceive better spaces, lighting, furnishings, finishes, among other components of the project under development.
Thanks to this method, accompanied by new planning and design software, many possibilities can be explored in the development of quality contemporary projects.

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